Concrete Foundations

Concrete foundation walls

Expertise in Building & Filling Concrete Forms

Building concrete foundations is an essential part of construction, and it has to be done right the first time. Building concrete forms to exact measurements, and then pouring the concrete into the forms is what we do for both large-scale and small-scale projects. We provide both ICF and conventional Strip forms.

As we build the form work, it’s critically important to ensure proper drainage around any foundation by accommodating drainpipes, changes in elevation, soil moisture content. Our team has the expertise to prevent moisture from collecting underneath the concrete slab and walls and avoid any future damage or weakening of the structure.

Architectural Retaining Walls for Homeowners

Concrete is strong and more durable than stone, making it able to withstand wear and tear from pressure and weight. This makes concrete ideal for structural walls that must hold back earth or water from flowing into a yard or under or into any building. Concrete can be poured into various shapes and sizes, and it can surfaced to look like natural stone, brick, or any other material desired by the homeowner. Plus, concrete walls are low maintenance compared to other materials such as railway ties or interlocking stone. If you are looking to construct a beautiful yet long-lasting retaining wall on your property, concrete is certainly an option worth considering. We look forward to working with you!

OK Pro Form Archit Retaining Wall